Monumental Marathon REMINDER


Don’t forget about the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon making its way through the neighborhood Saturday morning. For more information, see our previous post HERE.

46th & Meridian 16.0 mile mark
First Runner 9:27
Last Walker 12:08
 42nd & Michigan 17.8 mile mark
First Runner 9:36
Last Walker 12:36

 38th & IMA entrance 18.4 mile mark
First Runner 9:40
Last Walker 12:44

Also, thanks for Laura Prescott for the following info:

The marathon map provided is not very clear on which streets in Butler-Tarkington will be affected.

The race will turn west off Meridian to 46th Street, turn south on Illinois, and turn west on Hampton. It will follow Hampton past Butler and continue on as Hampton turns into Haughey Ave. Finally, the race will turn west on 42nd Street, cross Michigan Road and enter the Indianapolis Museum of Art grounds.

And to Butler Univ Police @BUpoliceChief Butler Univ Police for the following info:

No parking for Indy Monumental Marathon along Hampton Drive & Haughey through campus this Saturday.
Parking restrictions in place on campus for Sat Nov 6th.

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