Tarkington Park — Master Plan Meeting (July 10th)

All Butler-Tarkington neighbors are invited to participate in a stakeholder meeting to share your ideas and opinions on Tarkington Park.

All input sessions will be held in the Club Room of North United Methodist Church located at 3808 N. Meridian Street on Tuesday, July 10th from 1:00pm-3:30pm.

Background and Process:

This master planning process is to formally update the 1987 Indy Parks Master Plan for Tarkington Park and to provide guidance to the City of Indianapolis and Indy Parks for future improvements to the park. Since 1987 there has been growing interest in what the park COULD become. Most recently Midtown led a series of visioning sessions in 2010 and developed some conceptual ideas for the park. Indy parks and the Master Plan Team have been in close coordination with Midtown and are aware of all input and ideas generated through the visioning sessions. The master planning process is to continue the momentum started by Midtown and gather further input toward the development of a formal master plan.

What to Expect:

The design workshop will include a day of community input, followed by two days of work by the Master Plan Team, then a public presentation of the results will be held on day four. On day one (Tuesday, July 10th),  a series of 30 minute stakeholder group sessions and a public input session will occur. Each stakeholder group input session will be an opportunity for participants to share your thoughts, hopes and dreams for the park space with the Master Plan Team and how their organization might engage with the park. Input received will be documented and used by the Master Plan Team to inform the development of design concepts. These concepts will be presented back to the stakeholders and members of the public on Friday, July 13th at 1:00pm in the Fellowship Hall of the North United Methodist Church. If you can not participate you are welcome to call Joe Mayes at 317-263-0127 for additional means of input.



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