A summary of your City services are noted below; however you can also do a more detailed search using your address here.

Trash pick-up is provided by Republic Waste Services. A BLUE trash tote should have been left for you by the previous owner of your home. Trash pick-up is MONDAY. Please have your trash tote in the alley behind your home or in front of your home (whichever is applicable) by 7 AM. Don’t forget to bring the tote back inside your yard at the end of the day. Residents may place two items of heavy trash at the curb each month and may do so any week on their regular trash pick-up day. Heavy trash items can include everything from furniture to appliances, but should not be construction debris.

When it comes to disposing of mattresses, a couple of organizations have put together guides to recycling/donating used mattresses. You can read more about alternative mattress disposal options here and here.

Republic also offers recycling pick-up (for a fee). These totes are BLUE and YELLOW. Recycling pick-up is EVERY OTHER Monday. The following items can be placed in your recycling tote:

  • Steel and aluminum beverage and food cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Glass (brown, clear and green)
  • Plastics
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Phonebooks

Streetlight Burned Out
To report a street light or security light that is out, on all the time, or cycling on and off, please complete and submit the appropriate on-line form below or call (317) 261-8111.

In most instances, IPL is able to complete appropriate repairs to outdoor lights within 10 business days or approximately two weeks. However, there may be occasions and/or lighting ownership circumstances that may prohibit effective repairs within this suggested timeframe. We sincerely appreciate your patience while we work to complete your reported light outage.

Click on the appropriate on-line form to report your outage.

For other questions about these types of lights, or to check on the status of a report submitted more than two weeks ago, please send an e-mail message to StreetLighting.IPL@aes.com or call us at 317-261-8653.

Public Safety: Please call us directly at (317) 261-8111 to report lighting issues associated with public safety such as a light or light pole that has fallen or been seriously damaged or exposed wires at a light pole base.

Order Additional Outdoor Lighting from IPL
Outdoor lighting can bring new safety, convenience and value to your home or business for a monthly fee…and we do all the work! With our leased lighting program, IPL will design your lighting system, install poles and fixtures, supply electricity and provide all normal maintenance, including lamp replacement. Automatic photoelectric controls will turn fixtures on and off at dusk and dawn. And if your lights go out, we’ll even repair them.

Just call (317) 261-8653 (or send e-mail to StreetLighting.IPL@aes.com) for a free consultation about your lighting needs. Depending on the lighting equipment you select and site conditions, an installation charge may be required.

Outdoor lighting has been proven to:

  • Deter vandalism and crime
  • Increase safety
  • Enhance attractiveness
  • Extend the use of outdoor facilities

Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (formally known as Dept. of Code Enforcement) 

Open Burning

Dwelling Policy for Rentals (regarding unrelated persons living in a single residence under definitions in Chapter 731):

Family: One (1) or more human beings related by blood, marriage, adoption, foster care or guardianship together with incidental domestic servants and temporary, non-compensating guests; or, not more than four (4) human beings not so related, occupying a dwelling unit and living as a single housekeeping unit.

Upon a complaint, DCE will send an inspector to the residence to talk with occupants, as well as the owner (if he/she doesn’t live there) to help resolve the issue.

Health Code Violations*
*These include occupancy violations, vacant property upkeep, abandoned vehicles, trash/sanitation issues.

Report violations online at http://marionhealth.org or contact inspector Beth Gregory at (317) 221-2144.