The Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association (BTNA) is a registered 501(c)(3) dedicated to serving the residents of the Butler-Tarkington community.  In short, our mission is preserve and enhance the livability of the neighborhood.  Read more about the history of BTNA here.

The neighborhood’s boundaries are: 38th Street on the South, Meridian Street on the East, and the Central Canal on the West and North.  Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from within the community who are passionate about making Butler-Tarkington a great neighborhood to call home.

Individuals currently serving on the Board are as follows and can be reached at or via the Contact Us page (term years noted in parenthesis):

Clark Kirkman, President,  (2016/17)  (email the president directly)
Maeleen Hurley, Vice President,  (2016/17)
Ryan Barth, Secretary,  (2016/17)
Aric Boger, Treasurer,  (2016/17)
John Barth,  (2016/17)
Neil Bloede,  (2015/16)
Bryan Bradford, (2016/17)
Ryan Clem,  (2016/17)
Michael Dunn, (2015/16)
Dennis Faulkenberg, (2015/16)
Ted Feeney, (2016/17)
Larry Fitzgerald, (2015/16)
Ashlee Wilson Fujawa, (2016/17)
Brian Hasler, (2015/16)
Michael Kaltenmark, (2015/16)
Andra Liepa, (2015/16)
Brooklyn Lowery,  (2015/16)
Drew Lurker, (2016/17)
Chris Meier, (2015/16)
Brenda Nelson, (2015/16)
Brenda Vance Paschal, (2015/16)
Jason Sciortino, (2015/16)
Arlee Solomon, (2016/17)