Executive Committee

President: Clark Kirkman (BTNAPresident@gmail.com), Term: 2016-2017

Vice President: Maeleen Hurley, Term: 2016-2017

Treasurer: Aric Boger, Term: 2016-2017

Secretary: Ryan Barth, Term: 2016-2017

Board Members

Class of 2015: Bryan Bradford, Ashlee Fujawa, Drew Lurker, Arlee Solomon

Class of 2014: Ryan Clem, Clark Kirkman

Class of 2013: Ryan Barth, Michael Dunn, Dennis Faulkenberg, Chris Meier, Brenda Nelson

Class of 2012: Aric Boger, Ted Feeney, Maeleen Hurley

Class of 2011: Larry Fitzgerald

Class of 2010: John Barth, Neil Bloede

To reach any of the Board Members listed above please email BTNABoard@gmail.com and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate recipient.