At BTNA’s June meeting, the Board voted unanimously to send a letter to Mayor Hogsett regarding ongoing concerns with the neighborhood’s proximity to first responders following the City’s decision to close IFD Station 16 in July of 2016.  Earlier, BTNA President Clark Kirkman requested and received from IFD run data for calendar year 2016 and analyzed that data.  The data shows that first arriving vehicles to addresses in the neighborhood for fire runs decreased following Station 16’s closure from 67% of the time to 52% of the time.  Also, the average first-arriving truck’s response time jumped more than twenty seconds, from 3:59 to 4:22.  BTNA believes that, in light of this information, the decision to close Station 16 should be reexamined and that the City should discuss its plans to restore the neighborhood’s standard of fire safety with residents.

The letter sent to the Mayor’s office may be downloaded here.