This past week saw School 43’s principal, the 5th principal in 5 years, resign along with several teachers. Please join BTNA and Great Places 2020 Education Committees on Monday, Feb. 22nd, at 6:30pm at the MLK Center, to discuss issues facing School 43. IPS Officials will be in attendance.

Agenda is below:


Butler Tarkington & Great Places 2020

Education Committee Meeting

February 22, 2016

6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

  1. Introductions: Presenters and IPS Administration Officials
  2. Format for Discussion this Evening
  3. Overviews:
    1. Great Places 2020 Initiative
    2. School 43 Overview
    3. School 43’s Assets, Challenges, Solutions
  4. Listening and Question and Answers with IPS
  5. Next Steps
  6. Adjournment