The Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project will soon release its Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS). The draft SEIS is a study – a document – which is prepared as part of the formal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process the Army Corps of Engineers follows. The document lays out alternatives to complete the project and environmental and cultural resources implications.

When completed, the process will allow the Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Indianapolis who is the local cost share sponsor to determine the future direction of the project. Two parts of the levee are complete with the third section remaining. Flood risk reduction benefits are not realized until the total project is complete. A final Environmental Impact Statement will be assembled and distributed in the future.

A 45-day public comment period will begin once the SEIS are released. This time period allows the public to comment on the study findings via email or letter to the Army Corps of Engineers. A public hearing on the SEIS will also be scheduled within several weeks after the report release as part of the Corps’ public input process.

Members of the public in the affected project area are invited to attend the hearing. The hearing will take place at a location near the project area. The primary purpose of the hearing is to present the proposed alternatives of the project and to take public comments in response to the SEIS. A short presentation of the study findings will be given by the Army Corps of Engineers’ project managers. The public comment session starts immediately thereafter. All comments will be made in an organized format, with those interested in speaking registering by name on site. Comments are limited to five minutes. Each comment will be recorded. Comments made at the hearing will be included in the project documentation and will be considered in the preparation of the Final Environmental Impact Statement. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District Commander Col. Luke Leonard will chair the meeting. Department of Public Works officials will attend. An hour-long public open house will precede the hearing. Tables and displays will be set up with diagrams of the project. Fact sheets and resources will be available. Representatives of Indianapolis Department of Public Words and the Corps will be on hand to discuss the project.
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