At yesterday’s BTNA Meeting, BTNA President Clark Kirkman discussed a recent meeting hosted by the US Army Corps of Engineers regarding consultation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.  Those interested in reading the report detailing adverse effects found by the USACE regarding the current floodwall project can do so at the link below.  Also, BTNA invites any Butler-Tarkington resident interested in submitting a comment regarding adverse effects to do so by filling out the comment sheet (also linked below).  BTNA, as the designated consulting party on this matter, must submit these comments.  Accordingly, please send the comments to BTNA, and we will in turn submit them to the USACE.  You can send your comments to: BTNA, PO Box 88234, Indianapolis, IN 46208.  The USACE requests that comments be received by July 29, 2016 – thus, please send post them to BTNA by Friday, July 22.  Alternatively, you can scan your completed comment sheet and email it to


Adverse Effect Report

NHPA Comment sheet