Great news BTNA neighbors, IPL is extending their CoolCents program!! In addition to BTNA earning $25.00 for every IPL Customer who has participates in this program, IPL will also credit the individuals personal account $20 every year! 

The good news is no one is required to be home, to have device placed on home. Apartments do qualify for this program!

You can personally enroll into this program by printing and filling out the IPL Cool Cents form. Make sure to specify Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Assoc: BTNA04012013 at the top or bottom of the form and FAX to: 317-664-8205; ATTN: Gretchen Hunt. 

Hurry! All forms must be turned in by November 8, 2013 so you can receive your money by December 2013!

  • Remember – the fan stays on, keeping your home cool. Typically the temperature should not riser more than 2 to 4 degrees.
  • In fact, most people don’t even realize CoolCents has been activated!
  • This past summer, IPL only activated CoolCents twice.
  • Typically, the device is activated during weekday hours. It will NOT normally be activated on any holiday, in the evening or on the weekends.
  • The device will not harm your air conditioning equipment in any way.
  • It does not affect your thermostat in any way.
  • You will remain enrolled unless you request not to participate any longer.
  • CoolCents is one way IPL meets the energy needs of its customers. By shifting air conditioner use away from critical high demand periods, it can avoid buying expensive peak power. That helps keep rates low for everyone.
  • In addition to the organization receiving $25, the IPL customer will receive a $5 credit on June, July, August and September electric bills for participation. That’s $20 per summer cooling season.
  • A small devise is installed on the outside of the home near the air conditioning or heat pump unit. (picture of installed devise is on flyer)
  • Air conditioners cycle, which means they run for a certain amount of time “on” and then shut “off”. This on-off cycling is what maintains the temperature level in the home.
  • When IPL activates the device, it works as if your thermostat were calling for a shortened amount of “on” running time.

CLICK HERE for the Cool Cents form.

Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Assoc: BTNA04012013.