Butler University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club Teams Up with IPS/Butler Lab School to prepare K-2nd grade students for Lemonade Day!

Students from the IPS/Butler Lab School, along with their mentors from the Butler University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club (EIC), will sell lemonade on the Butler University campus from 1-3 p.m. Friday, April 26, in front of the Atherton Union and Holcomb buildings as part of a program aimed at inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs: Lemonade Day.

Presented by TCU, Ice Miller and ChaCha, and brought to the Indianapolis area by entrepreneur Scott Jones, Lemonade Day is a free initiative that introduces kids K-12 to “hands-on” entrepreneurship by teaching them how to start, own and operate their own business: a lemonade stand.

Nearly 20,000 kids who participate in the program will be setting up stands on Lemonade Day, May 18. But the IPS/Butler Lab School students decided on another plan: to hit up thirsty college students as they prepare for final exams.

“We were excited about connecting our students here at Butler University with their younger peers at IPS,” said Stephanie Fernhaber, assistant professor of management and advisor of the EIC. “It is inspirational and a privilege to be a part of one of their first entrepreneurial experiences.”

Over the last several Fridays, Butler EIC students have been mentoring the IPS/Butler Lab School students around key lessons in entrepreneurship, such as product development, pitching an investor, marketing and salesmanship. Among their first tasks was to practice and shoot video “pitches” to the Lemonade Day organization to acquire the seed money they needed to purchase their lemonade stands, signage and other supplies.

Kroger, a supporter of both Lemonade Day and IPS, chipped in and donated the lemonade and cups. Last Friday, during their final mentoring session, the kids practiced selling lemonade to pretend customers—their classmates and other teachers—to get ready to open for business.

“I have attended the mentoring sessions and have seen the fun the EIC students and the kids are having,” said Jami Marsh, director of Lemonade Day Greater Indianapolis. “As much as the children are learning about entrepreneurship, I think the college students are learning how this very big idea can be applied in this very simple and fun way so that kids as young as six and seven can experience entrepreneurship.”

This is another example of the wonderful, child-centered partnership between IPS and Butler. We are pleased that our IPS students and families have the opportunity to learn from participating in Lemonade Day,” said John Althardt, IPS Director of School and Community Relations.

In addition to the kids selling lemonade on Friday, another 75 IPS/Butler Lab School students signed up for Lemonade Day and will be setting up lemonade stands on Lemonade Day, May 18.

About Lemonade Day Lemonade Day is a national initiative, with more than thirty cities participating across the country. Scott Jones started Lemonade Day in Indianapolis after being approached to spearhead the initiative by entrepreneur and founder Michael Holthouse. It works like this:  On Saturday, May 18, 2013, kids across the Greater Indianapolis Area will set up their lemonade stands, sell lemonade and become lemonade tycoons! In the weeks leading up to Lemonade Day, kids pair up with a “caring adult,” sign up and work together through lesson plans about how to start a lemonade business. Kids get to keep the money they earn on Lemonade Day and are encouraged to “save a little, share a little and spend a little.” Kids also participate in fun contests and additional learning opportunities along the way.  For more information, visit www.indianapolis.lemonadeday.org.  Lemonade Day on twitter: @lemonadedayindy!