Below are notes from the IMPD North District meeting in February…along with notes from the MKNA Mid-North Public Safety Committee (MPSC)

IMPD North District meeting notes, 2/3/10

While burglaries continue to be the biggest issue, there have been several homicides this year already and several armed robberies.

There were 25 vehicle arrests in January. Bike and foot patrons in the area will increase when the new officers graduate.

ND is doing parole and probation checks.

The prosecutor’s office, using grant money, hired two staff members for the Burglary Enforcement Team.  They will teach burglary prevention techniques and hold public sessions each quarter.  They will seek burglary victims to come to sentencings to speak. They are just now getting their office set up and do not yet have a phone.

Lever Pulling, 4/7/10 at the State Fairgrounds.  This all day event is for high risk probationers—resources, trainings, programs, etc., intent is to reduce recidivism.

The new Department of Code Enforcement is operational (

IMPD ND Crime Watch/Prevention announces CrimeWatch/Prevention Training for block captains, future block captains and neighborhood CrimeWatch Coordinators: Sat March 13 9a.m.m – 12 p.m. or Wed March 24, 6-9 p.m.. Registration required—contact Shirley Purvitis 327-3781 by March 8.

MKNA MPSC (Mid-North Public Safety Committee) 4/5/10

MKNA will be forming an umbrella neighborhood public safety group for multiple neighborhoods to join, with a more action-oriented focus than MPSC.

MPSC will spearhead an initiative to raise $60,000 to hire more police officers for the mid-north region and will ask other neighborhood groups to contribute. More info end of February.

Presentation by Prescription for Hope: Surgeons and Community Aligned to Prevent Violence through Education and Support.