The Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association needs your support. As a volunteer organization, we rely on our residents to keep BTNA active. Please GET INVOLVED or DONATE to BTNA. The more people we have involved, volunteering or providing financial support, the more we can achieve!

What BTNA does for you:

° Provides a quarterly newsletter and monthly email blasts to educate citizens in the processes, problems and potentials relating to the neighborhood’s development and the importance of preserving the neighborhood’s rich history going back over 85 years.

° Hosts monthly meetings foreseeing and calling attention to emerging trends and problems before they reach crisis proportions.

° Serves as the neighborhood’s voice for those policies and programs that improve the health, safety and well being of the neighborhood, for both its residents and the community as a whole.

° Provides a means for widespread study and discussion of all pertinent issues and questions.

° Fosters neighborhood interest and participation in community issues.

° Generates and sustains a spirit of neighborhood and community among area residents. (Block parties, Garage sales, Neighborhood clean-up events).

What YOU can do for BTNA and your neighborhood:

° Get Involved!

° Provide us with your thoughts, feedback and concerns in the community.

° Volunteer (come to our next meeting and find out how).

° Make a charitable donation (below).


Please consider a donation to BTNA. Your contribution ensures we can continue to provide services to the neighborhood.

Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association is a registered 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.