BTN Residents,

Below are ten concerns the Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Association and president Neil Bloede have compiled regarding the proposed floodwall along Westfield Boulevard.

Top Ten Concerns about the Floodwall along Westfield Boulevard

By: Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association

1) The current plan fails to protect those at the greatest risk of flooding. Rocky Ripple residents have expressed a desire for flood protection. In order to protect the greatest number of residents, the levee should be constructed along the White River to protect as many people as possible. A comprehensive flood protection plan must be put in place to protect Rocky Ripple.

2) In the event of a flood, the current plan will expose the Central Canal to flood waters and destroy and pollute Indianapolis’ drinking water supply.

3) The floodwall will require the clearing of hundreds of trees and destroy the park-like setting along this portion of the canal.

4) A wall, as high as 6 ft in some sections, will prohibit or limit access to the canal for use and enjoyment by the community.

5) The concrete floodwall will cause diminished property value to home in the surrounding blocks. The value of many of the homes in the vicinity is increased by the proximity and accessibility to the Central Canal.

6) This section of the historic Central Canal will be irreparably damaged by construction of the floodwall. The natural setting will be destroyed.

7) There may be a negative economic impact on nearby businesses and shops because this section of the Central Canal will be desirable for us by walkers, runners and bikers. Many of the people that use the canal towpath to visit nearby shops at 56th and Illinois St.

8.) Walls attract vandalism, gang sign graffiti, and litter.

9) Moving the floodwall from the towpath side of the canal (part of the previous plan) to now proposing a crossing of the canal to run along Westfield Boulevard is a material change that should require public hearings.

10) More time is needed to comment on the impact of this project. BTNA suggests a 90 day extension of the comment period to fully evaluate the project.

For your review, a copy of the EA is available HERE.

Please consider incorporating these concerns into your submission of public comments to the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers by March 4th. Written comments may be mailed to:

Wm. Michael Turner
CELRL-PM-P-E (Room 708)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
P.O. Box 59, Louisville, KY 40201-0059.

You may also submit comments via email to or by phone at
(502) 315-6900.