U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Propose Flood Wall on Westfield Boulevard

Public hearing and open house – August 23rd at Meridian Street United Methodist Church, 5500 N Meridian St. Open house from 5-6:45. Public comments start at 7pm. 

Written comments are due by August 31, 2012

Written comment to the Corps can be sent by email to Michael.turner@usace.army.mil

Or mailed to

Colonel Luke T. Leonard
District Commander
USArmy Corps Of Engineers
Louisville District
PO Box 59
Louisville, KY 40201

Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association points of concern:

Health and safety of Rocky Ripple residents;

Clearing of trees along Westfield Blvd and the Central Canal;

Clearing of trees along Holcomb Gardens;

Butler University’s Athletic Fields, Central Canal and Holcomb would likely be destroyed in a flood b/c they are behind the wall. Holcomb Gardens is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Place. The portion of the Central Canal in Butler-Tarkington is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

The proposed design would pose a threat to city water supply if there were a flood. The City of Indianapolis acquires 60% of its water from the Central Canal. A flood could wash away the banks of the Central Canal and destroy it permanently or seriously contaminate the water.

The floodgate position and design would require a valve on at least one sewer line.  In the event of a flood, sewers could back up into neighborhood homes. 

A wall would prevent visual line-of-sight security for people using the tow path behind the wall.

A wall would alter the aesthetic quality of the area and walls tend to collect trash and serve as canvasses for graffiti.

If the project were done as proposed, there is no guarantee that flood insurance requirements for some properties would be removed or reduced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  FEMA must certify the entire project and portions of the project in Warfleigh and Broad Ripple do not currently meet the requirements.