Wondering who your Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Association board members are? Here is the director’s list for 2010:

2010 BTNA Board of Directors

2011 Class

Scott Fisher
Phone:  254-8711

Larry Fitzgerald
Phone:  283-4548
Email:  shrumhousing@sbcglobal.net

Nicole James
Email:  njames@imcpl.org

JoAnn Johnson
Phone:  921.9422
Email:  JoAnn20007@yahoo.com

Jeff Kolp
5252 Boulevard Place
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Email:  jeff.kolp.mo53@statefarm.com

Wayne Moss
Phone:  409.4134
Email:  wmjmoss@earthlink.com

2010 Class

John Barth
Phone:  202.0084
Email:  jbarth53@hotmail.com

Neil Bloede
210 Berkley Road
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Email:  nbloede@iupui.edu

Catherine Clements
Phone:  753.1498
Email:  cathclements@yahoo.com

Chris Cotterill
Phone:  924.5972
Email:  chris.cotterill@gmail.com

John Countryman
Email:  johncountryman@sbcglobal.net

Tom Dolan
Phone:  924.9644
Email:  tdolan@butler.edu

Mike Morgan
422 Berkley Road
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Email:  mmorgan@butler.edu

Kevin Swiontek
Phone:  923.1126
134 W. 43rd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Email:  kswiontek@indy.rr.com

Brendan Teeley
4709 N Capitol
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Email:  bpteeley@gmail.com

Ike Willett
Email:  iwillett@binghammchale.com